Launching of Mobile for Social Inclusive Governance (MSIG) project
  • My World and My Life
    My World and My Life
    Beaming with smiles, happiness and full of life, these pupils are living testimony to the impact of ‪#‎sexuality‬ education.
  • NVD Celebration
    NVD Celebration
    Training in Website Development



We have a mission to equip youth, women and vulnerable groups with ICT skills for their personal and professional development through the innovative use of ICT” and a vision of a “society where relevant information, knowledge and skills for development are enhanced by equal access to and use of ICT John Stephen Agbenyo


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  • Children in Ghana Speak Out on Rights

    some young reporters discuss child on Might FM in Ghana

    Children should be able to advocate their rights. To do this effectively, they need to be guided and provided with a platform that will give them the opportunity to express their feelings and learn about issues affecting their lives.

    It is against this background that Savana Signatures has designed children empowerment training module known as the “Young Reporters”.  This platform provides space for young people to learn about their rights, build their confidence and interact with their peers on issues of child rights, education, reproductive health services and legal support.

    The training module is under the auspices of Integration of ICT in Education Project (IIEP) and aimed to give young people the voice and chance to tell their own stories, become advocates, learn to use their voices through youth platforms for change.

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