18 Teachers in Northern Region Train on Sexuality Reproductive Health And Rights

About  eighteen (18) teachers in the Northern Region have been trained on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). The Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) is an education programme designed by Savana Signatures (SavSign) to equip teachers in basic schools knowledge about sexuality and sexual education to enable them effectively deliver reproductive education to pupils.

The programme which is being implemented under  My World and My Life (MWML) programme is being  funded by EDUKANs Foundation and forms part of efforts by SavSign and its partners not only to facilitate effective reproductive sexual education in schools but also to create awareness about the dangers associated with un-safe sexual activities. This is to help pupils at the basic school level to make informed choices.

MWML which focuses on developing technical and social competencies such as negotiation skills, the use of contraceptive and rights to refuse sex offers a unique opportunity for sexuality education for school pupils at the low levels. This also seeks to enhance their competencies to help them take decisions regarding their sexuality and sexual rights.

The eighteen teachers were selected from nine (9) beneficiay schools include Gambaga Presbyterian Primary, Dagbiribuari A/G Primary, Zogligu Primary, Langbina Primary and Langbinsi Primary. Other schools are Nyohini Presbyterian Junior High School,  Kotingli Presbyterian Primary, Bagliga Presbyterian Primary and Kpanvo Presbyterian Primary.

The teachers were trained on how to effectively deliver sexual reproductive health rights and comprehensive sexuality education lessons. Thses topics were developed inline with the 14 lesson curriculum which includes self-esteem, self-identification, body changing, roles and responsibilities of pupils, parents, how to prevent sexual transmitted infections, sexuality and love, and future dreams and plans among other topics.

Therogramme Coordinator of My World and My Life (MWML)  Miss Alhassan Fouzia Tua said the 4-day training was to build the capacity of the participating teachers on reproductive health lesson preparation and delivery techniques.

She said, the programme was part of efforts create awareness about sexuality  to reduce the dangers associated to early and un-safe sexual activities and ultimately to prevent teenage pregnancies and sxual transmitted infections among young people.

She said, un-safe sexual activities among pupils in basic schools were among the major contributory factors of school drop-out, teenage pregnancies, sexual transmitted infections and poor academic work hence the need to equip teachers with skills in sexual reproduction health education lesson delivery to help reduce un-safe sexual activities among basic school pupils.

A Ghana Education official in-charge of Sspecial Education the East Mampurusi District, Mr. Dabri Dramani lauded Savana Signatures for organizing the training. He said the training would go a long way to help school managements to properly incalcate morals into children.

“Teachers will now be in position to deliver sexuality and sexual education to children”. He appealed to Savana Signatures to expand the programme to other schools across the region to help reduce unhealthy sexual activities among pupils in basic schools that contributed to poor academic performances, school dropouts, teenage and unwanted pregnancies, and un-safe sexual activities among the chldren.

He pledged on behalf of GES to support the implementation of the programme to achieve the desire result.

A Psychologist from a partner organization, Rutgers WPF-Netherlands,  Sanderijn Van der Doef who facilitated the training is a Counseller and a certified master trainer in Sexual Reprductive Health and Rights. She encouraged the teachers to put into practice the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the training and impart these knowledge and skills school pupils help them make informed choices about their sexuality.