The Technology for Maternal and Child Health Project (T4MCH) is a collaboration between Savana Signatures, Salasan and Mustimuhw and funded by Global Affairs Canada to contribute to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality in 33 health facilities in 9 Districts of 3 Regions of Ghana (Northern, Upper West and Volta).

The project will use SMS and phone messaging, electronic charting and video technologies to mitigate both direct and indirect causes of maternal death, address the poor general health of women, high-risk reproductive characteristics, and barriers to preventive health care.

The purpose of the T4MCH research fund is to provide financial support to Ghanaian researchers in the field of medicine, public/community health and social sciences to address issues relevant to Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and New born Mortality Rate (NMR) in 3 regions of Ghana, preferably in the Districts where the project is being implemented.

T4MCH defines maternal mortality according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) as deaths to women that occur during the reproductive process, meaning during pregnancy, childbirth, or within 42 days after birth or termination of a pregnancy.  Neonatal mortality is defined as the probability of dying within the first month of life.

 Eligible proposals can include the following areas of study: 

  1. Causes/frequency and trends in maternal and/or neonatal mortality in the project area;
  2. Risk factors and barriers, both socio-demographic and clinical, for MMR and/or NMR in the project area;
  3. Mitigating/facilitating factors in MMR and/or NMR that promote safe delivery;
  4. Role of Technology in reducing MMR/NMR;
  5. Studies/reviews of “success stories”, best practices and lessons learned will also be considered for shorter-term and/or small grants;
  6. Policy effectiveness regarding MMR/NMR in the project area;
  7. Roles and strategies used by NGOs and CSOs to address MMR/NMR in the project

 GRANT ELIGIBILITY:  Research proposals will be accepted from academics in the field of medicine, public and community health and social sciences.  Proposals will also be accepted from medical and health practitioners and policy developers who can demonstrate experience in research approaches and methodologies.

GRANT CRITERIA:  The fund invites research proposals from qualified researchers that provide original clinical and/or sociodemographic insights and data on clinical or cultural maternal and neonatal mortality in the project area.

 The deadline for submission of proposals is January 31, 2017.  Grants will be awarded by March 31, 2017 and all research must be completed, including submission of an approved final report, by December 31, 2018.  The maximum grant amount per proposal is GHC 30,000.

Please click this link proposal-requirements to  download proposal guide or download the guide by clicking on this link

A complete proposals should be submitted electronically to: using the subject headline “T4MCH Research Fund