Edukans’ Going Global Brings Dutch Students and Teachers to Ghana

Savana Signatures Going Global organizing team

Savana Signatures will host 31 Dutch students and teachers from the Netherlands under an exchange programme known as “Going Global“.

Going Global connects Dutch schools with schools in developing countries and raises awareness about the importance of good education anywhere in the world.

It also involves cultural and social exchanges between students of varied educational, cultural and social backgrounds. The participating students during their trips share their experiences with their colleagues back home through blogging.

This is being organized in partnership with Edukans Foundation in Amerfoort (The Netherlands). Edukans is running the ‎STAR-School Program in Ghana aimed at improving access and quality of basic education.

The exchange programme will offer opportunity to these students to learn more about Ghana’s educational, cultural, social, economic and political system. They will spend time with students of Yoo Roman Catholic Junior High School, one of the partner schools of Savana Signatures.

Also, they are expected to interact with Yoo community to learn more about social and cultural set up of the people of this Ghanaian community.

According to the chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of Going Global, Eric Yandanbon Anaba, students and teachers from the two countries will interact with each other for one week.

It is a learning and sharing programme. At the end of the programme, each side of the parties will appreciate education, cultural, social, economic and political value of both nations” he said.


The programme, he said, “will expose students from the Netherlands and their Ghanaian counterparts to cultural diversity”.

Savana Signatures and Edukans, he said have a long lasting relationship and that the two organizations have something in common; “to create a better environment for social and economic change through support and empowerment”.

LOC Chairman, Eric Yanbondon Anaba

Edukans’ STAR-School concept being implemented in Ghana considers the school as the starting point for quality education. It focuses on strengthening teaching and learning process, school management and infrastructure. The Star School concept also strengthens civil society organisations (CSOs) as well as engaging in lobby and advocacy aimed at improving access and quality of basic education.

The concept considers quality education as a complex and multifaceted concept that need integrated approach to realize better teaching and learning outcomes.

Star School Concept has five (5) pillars:

  1. It offers a safe, accessible and well-equipped learning environment
  2. The learning is pleasant, relevant and effective
  3. The teachers are qualified, committed and know how to motivate their students
  4. The school management is capable, has a clear vision and effectively monitors both pupils and teachers
  5. Parents and communities are interested in their children’s education and are involved in school governance

Welcoming the students to Ghana, the LOC chairman promised a conducive learning environment for the Dutch students. This platform will also offer Savana Signatures as an organization the opportunity to learn more in terms of programming and programme implementation and that it promises to be a good learning and sharing platform. Stayed tune.