Female Teachers Using Technology


The use of ICT tools in education has become very important for the development of the educational sector and improvement on teaching and learning outcomes. It has been quoted by many that ICT education is now equally important to the learning of math and Science in schools; the famous of these quotes is by Bill Clinton, the former US President; he said “Technological literacy must become the standard in our country. Preparing children for a lifetime of computer use is just as essential today as teaching them the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.”

It is based on similar believes that made Savana Signatures, an NGO in Ghana to take the initiative of establishing the Female ICT Teachers Association (FICTAA). The association was setup in Ghana with over 60 members in the year 2012. Based on feedback received and after several consultations, FICTTA was transformed from an association into a fellowship. This resulted in a change of the name from FICTTA to Female Teachers Using Technology (FTUT). Fellows would be engaged all year round by attending seminars and assisting in training of female students, especially females in the second cycle institutions across the country.

Each year, 10 applicants would be selected and mentored to use technology in the educational sector. Each member would benefit from ICT Pedagogical training.

To be an applicant you must first be a trained female teacher in Ghana and be able to demonstrate a passion for girl child education in the country especially in the Northern and Volta Regions of Ghana.

All interested applicants should download the application form and the application guide from below .