Ghanaian Teachers Laud Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Issahaku Yakubu Deliman, MWML  facilitator

Teachers whose capacities were built on facilitation skills under the My World and My Life (MWML) Project being implemented by Savana Signatures have lauded the programme for its quality content.

MWML is a sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum which contained fourteen lessons and a number of interactive learning activities including games that make the learning of sexual and reproductive health lessons educative and interesting.

The project offers contemporary sexuality education and focuses on developing technical and social competencies of young people to enable them negotiate, properly use contraceptives and know their rights and responsibilities including the right to safe sex. This is to help them make informed decisions and choices about their lives.

The project funded by Edukans is being implemented in nine (9) schools in the Tamale Metropolis and East Mamprusi district in the Northern Region of Ghana.

“Ghana Education Service curriculum does not allow comprehensive sexuality education and so it was difficult to effectively deliver or teach sexual and reproductive health lessons to pupils in class. I couldn’t  boldly mention words like vagina, penis, and clitoris before the pupils in class because these words were considered sensitive and not suitable for young people” says Issahaku Yakubu Deliman.

Deliman is a 50-years-old teacher at the Presbyterian Junior High school in Gambaga. He has been in the teaching profession for nearly 20 years and barely facilitates comprehensive sexuality lessons in class. Ghana Education Service teaching guideline does not include comprehensive sexuality education in lower and upper primary school level.

As a co-facilitator of MWML project in his school, Deliman said he was more than happy to be part of the project. “This project is packed with quality content suitable for both old and young people. We have been denied this important information on sexuality mainly because of cultural and religious setting. I have learned a lot from the project and wished everybody does on sexuality”, he said.

“MWML has built my capacity in lessons facilitation in class and my interaction with pupils. I am bold and confident now than ever before. If we have had this project running in all schools in the district, teenage pregnancies among BECE candidates would be reduced”, he added.

Abdul-Aziz Rabiu, MWML facilitator

Delman’s impression about #MWML was not different from that of a headteacher at Assemblies of God Primary School in Langbisi, Abdul-Aziz Rabiu. A 32-year-old head teacher also says “Personally, MWML has made me understand that sexual and reproductive health education is paramount to young people’s education and development. I thought previously that teaching sexuality education was rather going to encourage young people to indulge in sexual acts but I was wrong”.

MWML did not only enhance his understanding of sexuality education, it has improved his teaching methodology and profession. He said previously it was difficult to deliver topics on sexual reproduction in class but that is a thing of the past.

“My impression about young people and sexuality has changed for good-thanks to the orientation I received from Savana Signatures. The project has opened my mind up to the importance of sexuality education. I see the importance of comprehensive sexuality education to young people; it forms the basis of their physical and biological development which they need to aware of whiles growing up”, he said.

He commended Savana Signatures for introducing the project in his school and that “My pupils in the sexuality club are now bold and confident to speak in class and public. I am also very bold now to discuss issues of sexual and reproductive health with both pupils and friends in the community. MWML lessons are wonderful and motivating”, he said.