Meet Children Who are Standing Up Against Child Abuse in Ghana

“My confidence level has increased. I can stand anywhere, in public to express myself well. I don’t feel shy anymore”, said Gloria Seidu.

Gloria had had her confidence built through a top-notch child-rights centred programme known as Savana Signatures Young Reporters.

The Savana Signatures Young Reporters’ clubs formed in 10 basic schools in the Savelugu/Nanton Municipality was a direct response to the high incidence of child abuse and molestation in the Municipality.

A 17-year old girl and student of Pong-Tamale M/A Junior High School has been a member of Savana Signatures Young Reporters club for a year now.

“We are being exposed to issues of child rights and now, we are standing up against such abuses in the community”, she said. Describing child abuse as unacceptable, Gloria said, the Savana Signatures Young Reporters club in Pong-Tamale M/A JHS has been speaking publicly against early and forced marriages, child labour and sexual abuse using digital platforms including radio and UNICEF’s Voices of Youth platform. For more please click here to download Children Stand Up Against Child Abuse newsletter.