My World & My Life

MWML is a sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum that is made up of fourteen lessons, whose learning objectives, assignments, warming ups, presentations, games, tools, guidelines and stories are all available in a pupil version and a teacher version.

MWML offers a unique opportunity for contemporary sexuality education and focuses on developing technical and social competencies, such as negotiation skills, contraceptive use and the right to refuse sex. These competencies are needed for informed decision-making.

The MWML program is currently being piloted in nine (9) schools in the Tamale Metropolis and East Mamprusi District all in the Northern Region of Ghana. The schools are as follows;

Tamale Metropolis

  • Kotingli Preby Primary School
  • Bagliga Preby Primary School
  • Kpanvo Presby Primary School
  • Nyohini Presby JHS

East Mamprusi District

  • Langbinsi A/G Primary School
  • Langbina D/A Primary School
  • Gamabaga Presby Primary
  • Zogligu D/A Primary School
  • Dagbiribuari D/A Primary School

The capacity of two teachers from each school was on build on the facilitation of the MWML lessons. Each school is represented by 25 pupils within the age group of 10 to 14 for a starter. The project is expected to be scaled up to other schools in Northern Region and hopefully an integration of the MWML program into the Ghanaian educational curriculum.

Savana Signatures is currently working closely with Alliance for Strengthening Education in Ghana (ASEG), Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ghana Health Service (GHS) to adapt the MWML program for the Ghanaian child. The project is funded by Edukans with technical support from RutgerS WPF.