Star School

Ghana’s educational system is beseeched with issues that will not make us achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 in 2030. UNESCO’s report titled “In school but not learning” exposes that six out of ten children are failing to reach basic levels of proficiency in learning.

 Savana Signatures provides a safe learning environment, well-trained teachers and parental commitment; crucial success factors for better student learning outcomes. We strengthen educational systems by effectively implementing the STAR school model

We are currently implementing the STAR model in 20 schools in the Volta and Northern Regions of Ghana. The selection of these schools was in collaboration with Ghana Education Service and the Catholic Education Unit. 

The main goal of the project is to contribute to the improvement of quality education delivery in schools in the Northern and Volta regions of Ghana

Our approach hinges on 5 pillars that target improving the learning environment, learning, teaching, school management and community involvement. The Basic Education Quality Improvement Program (BEQUIP) and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) are the driving strategies for the teaching and learning dimensions.

The CSE components will involve two different but similar curricula in terms of age and content. The primary schools will run the “My World My Life” program while Junior High Schools will run the “World Starts With Me” curriculum.

The BEQUIP component will focus on equipping teachers and other GES officials with the relevant knowledge and skills on active teaching and learning methodologies by shifting the paradigm from teacher centred approach to learner focused teaching and learning strategies where the learner takes the centre stage in the teaching and learning process. This approach will encourage active learner participation as opposed to the traditional passive learner method being implemented by teachers.

The CSE programme targets young people between the ages of 10-14 years in both primary and Junior High Schools in the Northern and Volta regions of Ghana.

The following schools are benefiting from the project.

Volta region

  1. Bethel Methodist Primary school
  2. Lolobi Ashiambi JHS
  3. Likpe Mate E.P JHS
  4. Fodome Woe Primary School
  5. English Islamic Basic School
  6. Lume Atsyame R.C Primary School
  7. Takla MA JHS
  8. Regional Model Primary School
  9. Sokode Gbogame MA JHS
  10. Tokokoe R.C Primary School

Northern Region

  1. Ola R.C Primary School
  2. Yong Dakpemyili RC. Primary School
  3. Chese R/C Primary
  4. Kanfeyilli R/C Primary School
  5. Garisegu R/C Primary School
  6. Damankuyili R/C Primary School
  7. Langbinsi A/G Primary School
  8. Langbina D/A Primary school
  9. Zogligu D/A Primary School
  10. Dagbiribuari D/A Primary School