NICHE is a 2 year capacity building project implemented in Ghana by three partners organizations; Edukans, Savana Signatures and Rutgers in 6 post-secondary informal Technical and Vocation Education and Training (TVET) institutions; Challenging Heights, BIBIR, Heifer International Ghana (HIG), Kumasi Institute for Tropical Agriculture (KITA), Network for Community Planning and Development (NECPAD) and Suglo N-Nya Behiagu Women’s Association.

The project is aimed at strengthening post-secondary TVET providers in the field of SRHR education to increase effectiveness of their vocational training courses, especially for girls and women.

The NICHE project uses a two-fold approach and it includes; Introduce post-secondary TVET providers to the theory and concepts of Health Needs Assessments, SRHR, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), Youth Friendly Health Services (YFHS) and the development of an Organizational SRHR policy.

The second approach focuses on practical implementation of the Organizational SRHR policy and piloting of a developed CSE curriculum adapted and contextualized to fit the needs of the young people in informal TVET institutions in Ghana.

The project in the end will empower young people (15 to 30) in Technical and Vocational Skills Training and Education, especially girls and young women, to recognize their sexual and reproductive health and rights, with special focus on issues that threatens them most; early/unwanted pregnancies leading to maternal health problems and child mortality, HIV and STD infections, and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).