Integration of ICT in Education

The Integration of ICT in Education Project was started in 2012 as a way of addressing the low quality of education in the Northern and Volta Regions. The idea is to introduce teachers and school administrators to ICT tools that will facilitate their management of school data and teaching and learning in classrooms. It is expected that this shift from the conventional way of teaching to a technological approach using ICT tools will translate into better performance of students. Implementation is currently being done in 17 schools in both the Northern and Volta Regions.

Provision of ICT Infrastructure

Each of the 17 project schools has been given an ICT laboratory with equipment like computer monitors, Ncomputing devices, projectors, system units, and cameras. In addition to this, each school has been given a laptop computer for use in the classrooms. To facilitate research among teachers and students, offline content has been installed on these computers.


As a way of tackling the low interest of females in the ICTs, the project has begun a Laptop scheme targeted at female teachers. Through this scheme, female teachers are being supported to acquire laptops which they can use to facilitate their work in the classroom. Beneficiaries have the chance to pick up brand new laptops from Savana Signatures at an affordable price and pay gradually over a period of seven months.

Besides boosting the interest and confidence of female teachers in the use of the ICTs, the laptop scheme is an indirect way of increasing the amount of ICT infrastructure in the project schools. The ultimate goal of the project is that every teacher in the beneficiary schools uses the ICT tools in their work. This indirect way of encouraging teachers to acquire their own laptops is a big step towards that goal.

With the laptop scheme, Savana Signatures also hopes to tackle another major problem – the lack of ICT role models for girls in our schools. We expect that as more and more female teachers use computers in the classroom, the girls will begin to identify with these ICT tools. The sight of their female teachers using computers will dispel the notion that the use of ICT is a male preserve. It could even embolden them to choose careers in ICT.

Capacity Building for Teachers

Since 2011, teachers and administrators from schools in the Northern and Volta Regions have been trained to use ICT tools in their work. These teachers continuously receive support to ensure that they apply the new technologies in their teaching and learning activities.

The project has trained 46 school administrators and circuit supervisors on data management using ICT tools.

The project has trained 30 school administrators in basic ICT. They will use the skills learnt in the training to manage their school data more effectively.

The project has trained 170 teachers in basic ICT and ICT Pedagogy. As a result of the training, the teachers are now able to use ICT tools like Microsoft Office, computers, and projectors to prepare and deliver lessons to their students.

The project has trained 15 teachers on basic computer maintenance and troubleshooting. The training has equipped the beneficiaries with skills to repair computers when something goes wrong.


There is constant monitoring to ensure that teachers and students reap the full benefits of the ICTs. There is also mentorship of teachers during the monitoring visits. Teachers and school administrators are supported to manage school data, prepare lessons, and deliver lessons using ICT tools.