One Week Refresher Training For Teachers (WSWM)

As part of the piloting process of the WSWM in Ghana, Savana Signatures organized a one week refresher training for teachers who are currently facilitating weekly lessons on the World Starts With Me (WSWM) for students in 4 Junior High schools the Northern Region and 4 Vocational Technical Institutes in and Upper West Region of Ghana. The training was facilitated by Jo Reinders and Yuri Ohlrichs who are both Technical Advisors of Rutgers WPF.

The WSWM is a computerized based Comprehensive sexuality Education (CSE) program adaptable to countries and it’s currently being used in many African such as Uganda, Kenya and now Ghana. The training is designed to equip teachers with facilitation skills to enable them support young people with the right information on issues of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

Leading the training, Jo Reinders stated that,  children go through a lot of physical and emotional changes as they grow into adolescents and require support from parents and teachers to understand some of these changes.


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