Savana Signatures Digitizes Basic Schools in Northern Region

……….deploys innovative School Management System software

Augustine Adjei Opoku (in blue T-shirt) taking school administrators through School management system (SMS)

“It has always been a case of missing file containing information about a student. School administrators find it difficult to provide information about their past and present students or trace their academic performances and most often teachers will fill in anything to complete continuous assignment records of their pupils if they cannot find previous academic data. This is so because school based data and information are not digitized. This is a case of Ghanaian schools” says, Augustine Adjei Opoku, an ICT specialist and staff of Savana Signatures.

Mr. Opoku said to deal with this problem Savana Signatures in partnership with Tech Support has developed an application known as the School Management System (SMS) software. This is to help schools to digitize their data.

The project is being financed by International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) and forms part of the organization’s efforts to digitize schools in the Northern Region.

He said, Savana Signatures has been on the forefront advocating the adoption and use of ICT in education to improve teaching and learning. As part of efforts to integrate ICT in education in Ghana, the organization is deploying an innovative students data capturing software-School Management System (SMS) to help school administrators and teachers to build database of their students.

“Today we are taking head teachers and school administrators through the SMS software to enable them effectively use it to build data of their students. With a click, every information about a student can be accessed”, Mr. Opoku said.

To enable school administrators and head teachers to use the SMS, Savana Signatures organized a two-day training on the use of SMS software to collect data of school enrollment, continuous assessment and other necessary information about students.

He said “we are in the era of ICT” and that no country will be able to favorably develops its economy without the use of ICT tools. “That is why we need to train our children at the basic school level to enable them to march their peers globally in terms of thinking and creativity”. He added “we cannot do that without training teachers and school administrators to use ICT tools effectively hence the training”, he added

“ICT in education is the key not only to unlocking the skills and knowledge of students but also to make assessment of  both past and present students easy. “ICT is a learning tool in the 21st century” he added.

Savana Signatures, he said is advocating for the integration of ICT in education in Ghana to ensure that the country “have a world class workforce who can fervently compete in a digital world at any level”.

The school management information system (SMS) software is built to capture details of school enrollment, information about individual students and their academic performances. The System also makes it easy to organize and print students’ continuous assessment records and cumulative record cards. The system also supports easy print out and emailing that makes it easy to trace individual student information.

Savana Signatures for the past five years has been promoting ICT in education, training and building capacities of school administrators, teachers and head teachers on the use of ICT to manage school based data and delivering of lessons in class. The organization has also trained over 300 students to use ICT to learn in school.

As part of the processes of integrating ICT in education, Savana Signatures has established about ten(10) an 11-seater computer laboratories for tens school primaries and junior high schools in the Northern Region.

headteachers, school administrators trying their hands on school management system software during training at Savana Signatures ICT lab.

“Clearly technology enhances teaching and learning and development, effective use of ICT in schools we have our projects running show a significant increased in academic performances of people, rising in pupils’ confidence levels and teacher-pupils engagement has improved, the Executive Director of Savana Signatures once stated.

The school management software programme is being piloted in five schools namely Darus Hardis Islamic JSS, Yong Dakpemyili JSS, Pone-Tamale M/A Primary, Yilonayili JSS and Yoo R/C JSS.

The programme will be expanded to cover more schools. This is ensure that all schools in Savana Signatures’ operational areas are digitized. Plans are also far advanced to digitize all subjects areas including Mathematics, Science, and Social studies among other things,