Savana Signatures Performance in 2015 Out

Screenshot_3In 2015, Savana Signatures with the support of our funding partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries continued to implement some of our projects. Though the organization faced some challenges in the year under review, so much successes or achievements in the face of these challenges were recorded.

As an organization working to put everlasting smiles on the faces of individuals and families, Savana Signatures continued in 2015 to innovate the use of ICT in the area of maternal and child health, youth empowerment, social and gender inclusion and education.

Using a top-notch approach to projects management and implementation, in 2015, Savana Signatures reached over one million pregnant women with maternal and child health information. This has contributed to an increase in Ante-Natal Care (ANC) patronage in all the facilities the project has been implemented in.

Also, one million young people were reached with Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information through various innovative information sharing platforms all of which hinge on the use of ICT tools.

Under the Integration of ICT in Education Project (IEEP) which covers 10 schools in the Savelugu/Nanton Municipality, over 1400 students were taught using ICT tools whereas 60% of teachers in the project school schools taught lessons using ICT tools. Also, 100 students were trained as community reporters or advocates who were speaking up on issues affecting their rights to education, good sanitation, water and health among other things.

Over 300 young school girls whose capacities were built in the area of ICT, career development, leadership skills, decision-making processes and SRHR were confidence in the use of ICT tools and public speaking among other things. Click  here “Annual Report 2015” to download the report.