Savsign ICT Training Center: International Computer Driving License Examination Begins

10 students are sitting for their International Computer Driving License examination (ICDL)  at Savana Signatures ICT Training Centre in Tamale, Ghana.

These are the first batch of students since the centre was recognized, certified and given accreditation to run ICDL courses.

The International Computer Driving License is an end-user computer skills training courses that deliver quality and international recognized ICT certification to individuals or groups.

The courses were designed, validated, and approved by international experts in technology from around the world.

It offers practical skills and knowledge in computing and computing applications through face to face interaction with IT specialists.

To live it dream of building an ICT empowered society, Savana Signatures established two ultra-modern ICT Training Centres in Northern and Volta Regions of Ghana. These centres offer various ICT training and capacity building to schools, organizations and individuals. These centres are ran by internationally certified ICT trainers. Savana Signatures ICT Training Centres have become  centres of excellence in ICT training and development, delivering topnotch ICT training skills to people.

These ultra-modern 24 hour internet enabled ICT Centers was recognized and accredited by International Computer Driving License (ICDL) to train and build capacities of young persons in ICT after the centers have met international standards and requirements.

The ICDL Coordinator, Mr. Raphael McClure Adomey said these students have been taking through ICDL based profile courses for six weeks. “Though out this period, the students who registered with us have been taking through practical use of computer essentials. The examination is for them to demonstrate their skills in order for them to be certified”, he said.

ICDL Coordinator, Raphael McClure Adomey

“This is a six week intensive training course on ICDL profile courses or models. These models include online essentials, computer essentials, word processing and spreadsheet. We have prepared them adequately for this international examination”, he said.

He said the certification enables the holder to practice ICT worldwide.

He said ICDL model courses offer practical use of computers and computer applications to build the end-user’s ICT pedagogy. The Coordinator said, ICDL proficiency in ICT that empowers them to become globally competitive. He said the certification provides objective verification of skills that enable trainees to demonstrate practically his ability to use ICT tools effectively.

Savana Signatures ICDL centre provides technical training of ICT skills that empower individuals and organizations to properly use ICT tools to deliver their professional duties efficiently to achieve a desire result.

He urged the youth, corporate institutions and individuals to take the advantage of the moderate cost of the programmes being run in Savsign ICT Training centre in Tamale and Ho to build their proficiency in ICT.

“The admission is rolling, contact the centre for immediate admission”, he said.

Savana Signatures ICT Training Centres are among few centres in Ghana that have received accreditation from the international body to train and deliver topnotch ICT skills services to people and organization in the country.