Young People in Charge Project Gets Advisory Board  

Board Members of YPIC

A 12-Member Advisory Board has been constituted to provide technical support to Young People in Charge (YPIC) project.

YPIC which is a 2-year project funded by STOP AIDS NOW!, Edukans/ Educaids, Cordaid, and Aflatoun is an innovative intervention that sought to prevent HIV, spread of Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs), reduce teenage and unwanted pregnancies while providing social enterprise and financial education to Ghanaian youth.

The Advisory Board has the responsibility to provide technical and advocacy support to help in the implementation processes.

The 12-Member Advisory Board is made up of the Chairman, Chief Alhassan I. Amadu, Northern Regional Director of National Population Council, Vice Chairperson, Bernedette Kafari, Ghana Education Service (GES), YPIC project officer, Frederick Nuuri-Teg as the Secretary and Priscilla Babae, vice secretary. Other members are; Zimblim A Shaibu, National Youth Commission(NYC), Florence Atubiga, Presby Primary Health Care (PPHC), Yakubu Rahinatu, Ghana Health Service (GHS), Esenam Kavi, ACDEP Health Project manager, Patrician F. Formadi, New Dawn, and Abdul-Latif Bavug, ECO Bank. The rest are; Abdul-Rashid Imoro, Senior Project officer, Savana Signatures, , ACDEP and Alhassan Fouzia Tua, Savana Signatures.

The YPIC project is being coordinated by Savana Signatures with the Association of Church-based Development NGOs (ACDEP) as an implementing partner and New Dawn as a technical partner to the project. The formation of the advisory board paves way for the implementation of the 2-year project.

Addressing the Board at a short meeting, the Executive Director of Savana Signatures (Savsign) Mr. John Stephen Agbenyo said Savsign and its partners would depend largely on the expertise, support and guidance of the board during the implementation processes.

He said YPIC sought to advocate for youth friendly financial and social enterprise services to help young people in the project area to live a responsible lifestyle. He added, “We are counting on your expertise to get the banks to provide child-friendly financial services, which is one of the components of the project and aimed to inculcate responsible savings and spending among children in Ghana”.

YPIC integrates Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), Social and Financial Education as innovative interventions to reduce the spread of HIV, Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Teenage and unwanted pregnancies and economic empowerment among the youth.

The project is currently working closely with Ghana Health Services (GHS), Ghana Education Service (GES) and some financial institutions in Northern and Upper East Regions to provide youth friendly health, social, education and financial services to young people.

Madam Esanam Kavi, ACDEP

The ACDEP Health Programme Manager, Madam Esenam Kavi explained that YPIC combines social, health and financial empowerment that sought to help the youth to plan, manage and save money to enhance quality of life.

She said working closely with the banks, health and educational facilities,  YPIC sought to promote institutionalization of child-friendly, health and educational services to young children while inculcating financial saving and responsible spending in them.

She said the project which focuses on child friendly services would also train teachers, health workers, peer educators, community health volunteers, staff of financial institutions among other relevant stakeholders during the implementation of project.

She appealed for more support to help the implementing organizations to provide and create conducive environment for young people to live responsible life.